Highly Recommended

I’m one of OCFC’s older (age-wise) but previously not wiser clients. I had gone to a personal training studio for about two years a few times a week. However, there was minimal, if any, ‘personal’ training involved, in the sense of truly fashioning a custom program with a goal. When I decided to go with OCFC over a year ago, through the urging of my husband who has been doing physical training for years including yoga, my coach & trainers immediately became totally engaged in my training. Trainers make a point of demonstrating and explaining proper positions with weights and other movements. I also do some yoga and Pilates, and find the extensive training skills of the trainers a source of improved knowledge for performing those exercises. I have noticed, as well, that my coach/trainers are totally engaged in my wellness needs by the way my workouts continue to change and improve constantly. You will never get bored you to death, and the workouts will leave you energized. It is never a chore to return for another session, as the trainers of OCFC are totally motivating both personally and professionally. Anyone interested in acquiring a ‘real’ personal trainer, I highly recommend joining OCFC.

Jean S.