What is backsliding, and how can you avoid it?

Too many people see reaching their weight loss goal as the end of their journey. They finally lose x amount of pounds or fit into a specific dress size, and they stop focusing on fitness. This is one of the main reasons that up to 65% of people who lose weight will gain it back (and then some) within just 3 short years. This is called backsliding, and in order to avoid it, an attitude change about fitness is in order.

We will help you to reach your goals and then keep on going!

At OC Fitness Concierge, pre-transformation training is just one small part of what we can do for you. We will work with you and support you as you are working hard to reach your fitness goals, and then, once you see the transformation you’ve put in all of that effort for, we will help you to keep going!

Post transformation coaching is equally as important as pre-transformation coaching, maybe even more so. To maintain your transformation, you have to keep on eating healthy and focusing on fitness. It also important to recognize that you should always have goals, even if they are now about getting stronger rather than losing weight. We will help you focus on your goals and maintain your healthy lifestyle so that you won’t have to deal with the frustration and disappointment that comes with backsliding.

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