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Founder & Chief Transformation Officer

Fitness saved my life! At the age of 4 I was abused by someone I trusted and as a result suffered for many years with low self esteem and body image issues.

I was 31 in the profile photo on the left. I just had my second child and almost given up on ever feeling or looking good again when I met a personal trainer who changed my life, Jason Coates. Jason not only gave me the tools I needed to transform my body in 9 months but gave me the support I needed to maintain the results I keep to this very day. Together, Karen Pinnell and I have worked hard to create a system that will change they way personal trainers serve their clients and impact the way training employers treat their valuable employees. We dedicate OC Fitness Concierge to all the trainers out there who like Jason make it their life mission to help people change their lives through fitness forever. We are here to serve you!

Not only do I LOVE my job but I feel like the luckiest person alive! Everyday I get to pay the precious gift of fitness forward by serving as a personal trainer while simultaneously serving this amazing network of the best and brightest personal trainers found in Orange County!

-Amanda Thomas - Founder / Chief Transformation Officer

CO-Founder & Executive Transformational Officer

As a child, Carolyn was not like the other kids. She was not able to walk until the age of three years old because of a congenital hip issue and multiple surgeries. The scar on her left leg was not only skin deep, but her confidence in herself was also scarred. She was not athletic- she was overweight, shy and fatigued. In her twenties, Carolyn made the commitment to her health and started walking a little bit every day, made healthy food choices, and exercised regularly. She earned a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology and became a Functional Movement Fitness Specialist. She lost that weight and feels great again!

Carolyn is a role model to those who have resigned themselves to be out-of-shape because of their age. She loves to inspire people to achieve their own healthy transformations. Carolyn believes that “You can Live the Life you want to Live” by investing in yourself and creating a healthy lifestyle plan. Carolyn has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, creating hundreds of fitness programs for people with various skills and abilities and her specialty is improving core strength, endurance and flexibility training. Carolyn believes that exercise and good nutrition are the prescription for a healthy life. Her training focus is on functional fitness for a healthy lifestyle. She challenges her clients to expand their possibilities to better health.

-Carolyn Reynolds - Co Founder / Executive Transformational Officer

Karen Pinnell

I’m so excited to work with Amanda as co-founder of OC Fitness Concierge because I will be able to reach and help more people who are looking to improve their quality of life. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM and I have a passion for helping people find their love for health and fitness. One of my greatest joys is accompanying my clients on their journey to a happier life. This is a road we travel together to discover a new, healthier way of living. There are many ways to get there, and I help my clients discover the path that serves them best. From circuit training to high intensity interval training (HIIT) to stretching and lengthening your muscles, I like to approach the road to fitness from many angles. Over the years I’ve taught one on one, in small groups and also in large groups in a boot camp style setting with clients of all ages and abilities. I continue to educate myself because there is so much to learn. I have additional credentials through NASM including MMACS (Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist) and FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist). I am currently enrolled in Training for Warriors.

Karen Pinnell - Fitness Trainer

Blair first began practicing yoga as a different way to stay in shape after she finished her career as a Division I volleyball player. What she discovered was so much more than a workout. After years of living as a stressed-out student-athlete, Blair felt calm and blissful for what seemed like the first time in her life as she developed a consistent practice and recognized how this feeling translated into all areas of her life. She has been unrolling her mat ever since. Today, Blair helps clients to grow stronger inside out through yoga, Pilates, and personal training. As an equestrian herself for over 10 years, Blair specifically enjoys working with riders across Southern California to help them improve their physical fitness level and mental toughness. When Blair isn't working with clients, she can be found writing or spending time at the beach.

Blair Atkins - Yoga teacher, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness for Equestrian athletes specialist

Justin Blakenship

Fitness is my lifestyle. Being an athlete all 4 years in high school playing football and wrestling created a self-motivating drive that carried in a 4 year military service. During a deployment in Afghanistan, I received my CPT and fell in love with helping others achieve their goals. I then moved to Southern California to attain a bachelors in science with kinesiology, emphasis on exercise sports science. I also trained and competed in mix martial arts for 4 years. A fit and healthy lifestyle is second nature to me, and I share this passion to all my clients.

Justin Blakenship - Fitness Trainer

We are a network of verified, accredited, professional, certified, expert personal trainers from Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego County who have banded together to deliver the ultimate experience in personal training. Forget membership, contracts and cookie cutter programs that don’t deliver results.

Become an OCFC member! Workouts are created for you and delivered to you by a team of 3 expert personal trainers who work in tandem to meet your every fitness need. From training to nutrition, we have you covered. OC Fitness Concierge is your one stop shop for total reinvention.

Our network of professional trainers are driven by their passion for fitness and their dedication to helping people reach their fitness goals. Trainers have the creative freedom and control it takes to deliver effective programs that address a person's total wellness needs.

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    Joseph V.
  2. Caring and Friendly

    Amanda Thomas is a wonderful trainer, friend and motivation! She makes you feel as if you are her only client, and each session is created to fit all of your personal likes and needs. When l…Read More

    Lauren G.
  3. Expert

    I've known Amanda Thomas for over 10 years now. She is truly an inspiration to me and many more. Amanda has helped coach me throughout the years with her expertise in health, fitness and mos…Read More