There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to changing bodies and lives. That is why OCFC has designed a systematic approach to personal training that is student-based and cannot be matched in terms of value. The OCFC approach promotes the client’s confidence and motivates even the most training resistant individual to action.

OCFC members are involved in designing their own program while learning tactics and strategies to discover what works best for them. Our members are not only capable of transformation but can maintain results obtained for life.

Team Training VS Traditional Training

To put it simply, team training or training in tandem is a simple and safe way to ensure our client’s bodies never have the chance to adapt or plateau. Team training unlike traditional personal training saves you money and time. By training with three different trainers a week you are sure to find a style of exercise that complements your individual needs, lifestyle, and more importantly will allow you to find the style of exercise you were born to do.